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TxCEE Texas Center for Educator Excellence

TxCEE equips educators to improve student achievement by aligning district resources and increasing educator effectiveness through training, coaching, and instructional support.

Calibration Services

TxCEE Texas Center for Educator Excellence

TxCEE’s experienced Calibration Experts have helped dozens of districts with Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) Calibration, Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS), TIA Designation Configuration, other Customizable Evaluation Rubrics and more.

Data Management

TEEMS  organizes, documents, monitors, and evaluates educator practices and student learning at the campus and district levels. TEEMS is the ideal system for managing your TIA data.

Training and Consulting

Teacher Incentive Allotment

TxCEE assist districts in successfully designing and implementing a TIA system. We guide calculations, create a designation system, implement student growth measures (SGMs), and data management of the TIA components.  

Our Impact Reaches

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TxCEE works with schools to set a course for growth and success.

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE) focuses on improving student achievement in Texas schools by improving human capital through Data Aggregation, Evaluation Calibration and Professional Training. 

Our proprietary TEEMS Data Management System provides districts with custom data support of Student Growth Measures, Educator Evaluation and Custom Rubrics for TIA Designation.

TxCEE’s experienced Instructional Training Staff have created custom calibration systems and provided career advancement training for hundreds of teachers and administrators.

Educator Spotlight

Maria Aleu
Southwest Schools

This is the first opportunity I have had to mentor. However, being on the other side of the coin as a mentee I have been fortunate to have mentors who have gone out of their ways to support me professionally and emotionally inspiring me. Their support helps me to believe in myself and continue giving my best.

I think a good way to know if I have made a difference is by analyzing how my work has impacted students’ learning and growth though the study of data and performance. Also, I am able to measure my success in seeing how my mentee has grown throughout our work journey together.

I use data to inform and enhance, gauge and track the effectiveness of my teaching on students’ learning. As a mentor I use it to help my mentee reflect on the benefits of using different teaching methods that may imply going out of her comfort zone.

Outstanding mentoring means being present and willing to go the extra-mile at any time to support a mentee. I am sharing my knowledge while promoting growth and independence. In doing this, we are learning together. Through my experience as a mentor, I have learned that listening is a powerful tool to promote communication and trust. I have also learned that I don’t need to have all the answers but being open, genuine, and willing to learn together is crucial.

Throughout this work, I hope I am making a difference. The greatest impact I can hope for professionally is for my mentee to finish the 2023 school year feeling confident about her ability to grow, change, and go out of her comfort zone. I would love for her to continue having fun teaching and changing students’ lives academically and emotionally.

TxCEE News and Notes

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Robert Stell was in Houston ISD on Thursday holding a learning session on Post Observation Conferences and Conversations. ... See MoreSee Less
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On Thursday Robert Stell had calibration walks on two campuses in Houston ISD. ... See MoreSee Less
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