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Our focus is on equipping educators to improve student achievement by aligning district resources and increasing educator effectiveness through training, coaching, and instructional support.

Managing Your Evaluation Data in TEEMS

TEEMS, developed by TxCEE, is a user-friendly, web-based data system that provides school districts with the opportunity to recruit, identify, incentivize, and retain effective educators through data-driven decisions. It provides specific evaluation module that supports T-TESS and T-PESS allowing for observation at the indicator level. It also provides a module to measure student progress by allowing educators to create student growth measures. TEEMS combines different sets of data (i.e. student growth, observation data) to help districts identify overall performance for TIA designations.

TEEMS is an ideal, all-inclusive system for managing your TIA data.

To Learn More… about how TEEMS can help you, click here or contact Bryan Sanchez or (512) 538-0645.

Calibration with TxCEE-From Reliability to Validity

Whether you are a part of the Teacher Incentive Allotment or not, ensuring that your teacher evaluations are in line with student outcomes is critical to achieving the success that you know is possible. Does everyone on the team know the T-TESS rubric and use it as their North Star for planning and curricular execution? Is it truly the common language of teaching and learning in your district?

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence is proud to offer a customizable set of trainings to help you move beyond reliability and into validity; T-TESS Deep Dive; Learning Cycles; Structures and Resources for Observers.

To Learn More about calibration or other TxCEE services...contact Trish Jarrott at tjarrott@txcee.org or 512-538-0641.

TEA Authorized Provider

TxCEE serves as an Authorized Provider for the following TEA Programs:

Teacher Incentive Allotment

Mentor Program Allotment

Reading Academies

TIA Teacher Incentive Allotment

TEA Technical Assistance Provider

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) is designed to attract and retain effective teachers at your most challenging campuses. TxCEE can assist districts in successfully designing and implementing a locally- developed TIA system as well as provide guidance and data management of the TIA components.

SGM Student Growth Measures


TxCEE used research and lessons learned from a number of districts and states across the country to develop a Student Growth Measure (SGM) process. This process can be used to measure student growth in every classroom and can be used as part of your TIA system.

SEED System for Effective Educator Development


SEED is a district wide professional learning system that stems from school and district goals and uses collaborative learning efforts of educators to strengthen teacher quality, impacting classroom teaching and student achievement.

TEEMS Texas Educator Excellence Management System

TEEMS is a data system for educators that integrates instructional, operational, and personnel data to help inform human capital decisions. TEEMS helps organize, document, monitor, and evaluate educator practices and student learning at the campus and district levels.TEEMS is an ideal system for managing your TIA data.

Texas Teacher Residency Program

TEA Authorized Provider   

This mentoring program provides training and support for Mentor Teachers who will guide new teachers in learning how to implement research-based practices that yield high results. Our customized support will help maximize the impact on student achievement for beginning teachers.

Texas Principal Residency Program


New principals receive intensive and individualized coaching, mentoring, training, and support to positively impact school culture, educator development, and student achievement. This approach also increases leadership skills.

Texas Center for
Educator Excellence

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE), an Austin-based satellite office of the Region 18 Education Service Center (ESC), provides leadership and technical assistance across Texas to improve educator excellence.  TxCEE’s mission focuses on equipping educators to improve student achievement by aligning district resources and increasing educator effectiveness through educator training, coaching, and instructional support.  To learn more about TxCEE and its services, email info@txcee.org or call 512-538-0611.


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If you would like information about our training and consulting services for Texas school districts, please contact info@txcee.org or 512-538-0611.

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