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TxCEE works with schools
to set a course for growth & success.

TxCEE has drawn on research, best practices, and our experiences with schools to provide innovative models and services that systematically enhance instructional and leadership skills. The overarching approach for this work involves coordinating education initiatives and Human Capital Management System (HCMS) practices to support educator excellence and student success.

Strategic Staffing

Big Bend National Board Cohort

What is National Board?

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is a not-for-profit professional organization, created and governed by practicing teachers and their advocates. National Board believes higher standards for teachers mean better learning for students. National Board Certification validly and reliably identifies when teachers meet the standards for accomplished teaching, that were developed by teachers with the NBPTS.

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about the Big Bend National Board Cohort

Texas Educator Excellence
Management System (TEEMS)

Data Management of Student Growth Measures, Educator Evaluation, Performance Evaluation, Talent Acquisition & Professional Learning

TEEMS can be used by Texas school districts to accomplish the following goals:

  • Utilize the TxCEE SGM Process to effectively manage and analyze your Student Growth Measure (SGM) data.
  • Simplify educator evaluations with our all-in-one solution including T-TESS/T-PESS, video upload, scripting capabilities, and a clear process for yearly evaluations.
  • Calculate educator effectiveness ratings using multiple measures
  • Calculate performance-based compensation amounts using multiple measures
  • Support professional learning communities

Every day in Texas classrooms educators are tasked with the challenge of setting rigorous academic standards based on varied educational data elements. School districts need support in making meaning from the ever-increasing supply of educational data, and transforming this data into information that can easily and effectively inform a variety of critical decisions.

With the generous support of the U.S. Department of Education, TxCEE developed the Texas Educator Excellence Management System (TEEMS). TEEMS supports the human capital needs of Texas school districts in an intuitive, easy-to-use, and functionally robust manner. TxCEE’s approach empowers district and school administrators to invest in educators and make data-driven decisions to improve effectiveness and student performance.

TEEMS informs a variety of human capital decisions such as educator evaluation, retention, promotion, dismissal, compensation, leadership potential, and professional development. These components of the data management system assist districts and campuses in their efforts to improve instruction in the classroom, improve administrator leadership, and develop structures that support educator effectiveness-particularly teachers and principals.

Calibration Services

  • Texas Teacher Evaluation & Support System (T-TESS) Calibration
  • TIA Designation Calculation Configuration
  • Texas Principal Evaluation & Support System (T-PESS) Calibration
  • Customizable Performance Evaluation Rubrics
  • Student Growth Measurement (SGM) Calibration
  • Customizable Student Growth Rubrics

Training & Consulting

Teacher Incentive

Authorized Provider

Teacher Incentive Allotment

– General Application Support
– Teacher & Observation Appraisal
– Student Growth Measures
– Data Analysis
– Human Capital & Compensation
– Change Management
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Observation Calibration
– Feedback Strategies
– Designation System Design
– Inter-Rater Reliability Analysis
– Data Validation


Principal Mentoring

– Needs Assessment
– Develop Leadership Competencies
– Continuous Coaching & Support
– Maximizing Community Partnerships
– Recruiting/Retention Resources
– Evaluation Strategies


Authorized Provider

Strategic Compensation

– Work with District Administration to Develop a Compensation Plan Based on District Values
– Create Communication Materials Defining the Compensation Plan to All Stakeholders
– Implement Tracking, Refinement & Review Systems
– Financial Modeling & Budget Planning

PLC/CLC Training
& Support

System for Effective
Educator Development (SEED)

PLC/CLC Training & Support

– Implementation for Administration, Principals and Instructional Coaches
– Developing Blueprints & Roadmaps
– Creating Effective Meeting Protocols
– Ensuring High Quality Collaboration Meetings
– Using Evaluation Instruments
– Evaluation Rubrics
– Coaching, Reflection & Monitoring


Innovative Staffing

– Increase Access to High-Quality Resident Pathways to Build & Sustain a Strong Teacher Pipeline
– Recruit, Prepare & Retain a More Racially Diverse Teacher Candidate Pipeline
– Intentionally Scaffold, Plan & Develop Residents to Ensure Long-term Teacher Effectiveness
– Select, Develop & Incentivize Highly Effective Mentor Teachers
– Reallocate Existing Budgets & Roles to Sustainably Fund Paid Residents & Mentors

Assistant Principal
Leadership Pathways

Assistant Principal Leadership Pathways

Support for Asst. Principals:
– What is Instructional Leadership?
– Legal & Budgeting Practices
– Campus Culture & Climate
– Application Practice & Support
Support for Instructional Leadership:
– Using T-Tess Rubric
– Leadership Expectations
– Support Cycles for Leaders
– Using Data & Goal Setting

Mentoring Program

Authorized Provider

TxCEE Mentoring Program

– Mentoring Needs Assessment
– District Implementation Plan
– Continuous Coaching
– Administration Training
– Strategy Evaluation
– Mentor Teacher Hiring & Selection
– Mentor Teacher Matching

Student Growth Measures
& Assessment Training

Student Growth Measures & Assessment Training

– Conduct a SGM Survey
– Train on SGMs for District Leadership
– SGM Training for Campus Administrators & Teachers
– Implementation of SGMs in the Classroom
– Leverage Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to implement SGMs


Grant Writing

– Grant Proposal & Application Development
– Proposal Narratives
– Needs Assessments
– Identify Goals, Objectives & Outcomes
– Review & Recommendation

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