TxCEE provides support and assistance to school districts to improve educator excellence.


TxCEE staff consists of Texas educators with decades of experience in leading comprehensive reform efforts and providing leadership and support and assistance to improve educator excellence.


TxCEE invests in PEOPLE, working with school districts across the state to implement innovative solutions that foster growth and collaboration among educators.


TxCEE leads Texas school districts through the implementation of comprehensive reform initiatives focused on improving human capital.


TxCEE works with schools to set a course for growth and success.

Our Mission

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE) invests in educators by implementing systems that maximize educator excellence, improve student achievement, align district resources, and provide training and support for instructional coaches as well as teacher and school leaders.

Graphic with "Texas Educator Excellence Model"

TxCEE’s Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM) encompasses eight components that, when combined, form a comprehensive educator support system that increases educator and student success. While districts address each of these components, TxCEE can help maximize resources and systems to leverage a singular component or the comprehensive TEEM.

Diagram of the TxCEE TEEM Model with these components: Leadership Pipelines; Data-Driven Instructional Support; High-quality Job-embedded Professional Development; Educator Mentoring and Support; Teacher Career Pathways; Educator Evaluation Systems; Recruiting, Retraining, and Rewarding High-Quality Educators; and Family, Community, and Educator Involvement.

TEEM Components

Family, Community, and Educator Involvement

Family, Community, and Educator Involvement

Leadership Pipelines

   Data Driven Instructional Support

Data Driven Instructional Support

High-quality, Job-embedded Professional Development

High-quality, Job-embedded Professional Development

Recruiting, Retaining, & Rewarding High Quality Educators

Recruiting, Retaining, & Rewarding High Quality Educators

Educator Evaluation Systems

  Teacher Career Pathways

Teacher Career Pathways

   Educator Mentoring and  Support

Educator Mentoring and Support

Our Signature Approaches to Improving Human Capital

SLO - Student Learning Objectives

TxCEE used research and lessons learned from a number of districts and states across the country to develop a Student Learning Objective (SLO) process. This process can be used to measure student growth in every classroom.

System for Effective Educator Development

SEED is a district-wide professional learning system that stems from school and district goals and uses collaborative learning efforts of educators to strengthen teacher quality, impacting classroom teaching and student achievement.

Texas Principal Residency Program

New principals receive intensive and individualized coaching, mentoring, training, and support to positively impact school culture, educator development, and student achievement. This approach also increases leadership skills.

Texas Teacher Residency Program
This mentoring program for new teachers helps them learn how to implement research-based practices yielding high results and provides customized support to help maximize the impact on student achievement in their classroom.

Texas Center for Educator Excellence

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE), supported through Region 18 Education Service Center (ESC), provides technical assistance to Texas school districts to improve educator excellence. TxCEE’s mission focuses on equipping educators to improve student achievement by aligning district resources and increasing educator effectiveness through campus leadership training, coaching, and instructional support.

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