Mentor Spotlight: Courtney Tucker

Courtney Tucker
Palo Alto
South San Antonio ISD

Below is the transcript of Ms. Tucker’s responses to the Lightning Connect Mentor Spotlight questions. Thank you Ms. Tucker! The work you do and the relationship you have created with your novice teacher is commendable.

What is something you enjoy about being a mentor?

I love being able to share in the joy of the success my teachers have in the classroom. When we collaborate together to implement new strategies and they can directly see the growth in the students, we can celebrate these achievements together.

What is a strategy you’ve used to support your novice teacher that you feel has been effective?

One strategy that we have worked on together that has been very effective is incorporating differentiation in the classroom. Accommodating to student interests and learning differences increases student engagement and allows all students the ability to achieve success.

Describe how mentoring and coaching is impacting your novice teacher and/or their students? How has it impacted you?

My novice teacher has grown more confident in his craft. He is differentiating and allowing for student engagement. The culture of his classroom has truly flourished, with students interacting, working in collaborative groups, and having appropriate instruction custom to their individual needs.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I truly appreciate having a mentor of my own through TxCEE to help me grow my skills in coaching. It has been so impactful for me to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to make sure I am on the right track so that I can ensure my teachers are successful.

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