Enrique Avalos
Enrique Avalos
El Paso Leadership Academy

As an administrator, I have the privilege of not only working with my beginning teachers but also in supporting other Mentors in their roles. It is so great to be able to meet with several mentors and learn the excellent practices they are using with their beginning teachers and implementing that in my own practice or sharing it with even more Mentors! I have been able to refine my ability to have reflective discussions with beginning teachers which I can take into my coaching discussions in my administrative role! The process has been a great benefit for my beginning teachers but also for me as a Mentor and supervisor.

Seeing the teachers go through the different phases of teaching (anticipation, to survival, and on to rejuvenation), I am taken back to my own first years of teaching and the challenges I faced. Relating to teachers and reflecting on how I could have made those years better for myself, has really given me perspective on my role as a Mentor. I am constantly blown away by the growth and gains of the teachers and students, both academically and social-emotionally. Lastly, going to the Virtual CLCs each month has given me the opportunity to learn from my colleagues across Texas and share out the amazing things I am seeing in my own school. I cannot wait to see the continued growth and success of teachers and students and as we continue on this journey!

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