Best Use Of Desmos To Strengthen Math Instr (6-12)

Ten Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Strengthen Your Math Instruction with FREE Desmos
  • What every grades 6-12 math teacher needs to know about fully tapping into Desmos and Desmos Activity Builder … The best, most useful aspects for strengthening your math instruction
  • Generate Excitement and Increase Student Motivation Explore
  • high interest, practical Desmos activities that spark students’ curiosity and strengthen their perseverance in problem solving
  • Quickly Adapt Premade Desmos Lessons or Create Your Own
  • Save time and incorporate or quickly adapt premade Desmos lessons perfect for your math students … Learn the keys to building outstanding Desmos lessons and how to easily create your own
  • Utilize the Newest Features of Desmos Calculator and Activity Builder
  • Desmos is constantly improving and adding features in response to teacher feedback … Leverage the newest features of Desmos, perfect for your grades 6-12 math instruction
  • Differentiate Instruction and Help Students Move from Concrete to Abstract
  • Incorporate activities that strengthen concept building by allowing students to advance when they are ready … Discover ways to challenge and engage highly capable students so you can focus more on the students who need you most
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March 21, 2023

The presenter in the video was very knowledgeable with Desmos. Will most definitely be implementing it into my classroom in order to facilitate student learning.

March 10, 2023

This training was extremely beneficial to my classroom. I plan to implement some of the activities that were showcased both digitally and in hard copy to my students. Looking over some of the activities, the rigor is definitely there to challenge my students, possibly during our review sessions prior to STAAR testing.

March 9, 2023

Desmos have building activities with vocabulary, it allows the students to struggle and makes them think and analyze the content being presented. It gives them opportunities to approach math in various ways allowing them to explore their thought process and problem solving strategies. Biggest take away is that it allows students to be right & wrong in interesting ways by NOT just giving them the answer, they are NEVER told if correct or incorrect, rather they explore and see if they are correct by the visualizations in the lessons.

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