Best Practices in CO-TEACHING: Effective Strategies and Realistic Solutions for Inclusive Classrooms (Grades 1-12)

“Specifically Designed for General Education Teachers, Special Education Staff, ESL Teachers, and Other Specialists Who Currently Co-Teach or Plan to Co-Teach as Part of Their Schools’ Inclusive Practices
-The most up-to-date approaches and best practices to strengthen your co-taught classroom
-Highly practical instructional strategies and how they can be integrated most effectively into your co-teaching approaches
-Realistic options for using co-teaching to differentiate instruction to better meet the needs of your students with disabilities
-Proven methods for incorporating students’ specially designed instruction into co-taught lessons”

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Very good50%
February 27, 2023

This training was on successful co-teaching. I had thought this would be directly related to math instruction, but it was not. I had also hoped it would give tips on getting co-teach started, but it did not.

January 24, 2023

The video had alot of helpful information about the co-teach model. I liked the ideas it gave about using small group in secondary classes.

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