Educator Spotlight: Mercedes Manuel

Mercedes Manuel
Southwest Schools

Being a TxCEE Mentor has been a monumental moment in my career. As an educator with more than 13 years’ experience, there is always something new to learn. In this unprecedented time in our society, I have learned to focus on the meat and potatoes of the work. The meat and potatoes refer to a summation of the many components that are intertwined for teaching and learning to occur. Mentoring fellow colleagues is rewarding, as I know that the strategies and equity-based practices that we are implementing will set mentee teachers up for success for the day, school year, and beyond. Regardless of how the work is plated, we must come prepared to the table with our meat and potatoes ready.

As a classroom teacher, my impact is limited to those scholars whom I directly serve. As a mentor teacher, my reach is amplified, as more scholars are served by mentee teachers new to the profession. I appreciate the opportunity to support my colleagues and my heart simply melts bearing witness to the great strides in instruction implemented by new teachers whom I get to support as their mentor. I appreciate how impactful and resilient the role of the mentor teacher is and I am honored to continue to support and serve colleagues and scholars.

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