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Training & Consulting Services

TxCEE works with schools to set a course
for growth and success.

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE) works with school districts to advance their Human Capital Management System to balance rigorous accountability with strong support for teachers and school leaders.

Below are some examples of the types of training and consulting services we provide, all of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of your district.

If you would like additional information, please contact info@txcee.org or call 512-538-0611.


Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)

House Bill 3 sets forth the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) that sets a goal to ensure that teachers have a realistic path to a $100,000 annual salary.  The key tenets of TIA are to attract and retain effective teachers through implementing systems that identify these educators then provide incentives to teach at the most challenging campuses to increase the equitable distribution of effective educators. TxCEE can assist districts in successfully designing and implementing a TIA system.  TxCEE can also provide guidance on calculations, creating a designation system, stakeholder engagement, implementing student growth measures (SGMs), and data management of the TIA components.  


Student Growth Measure

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitation

Calibration of Observations

Effective Feedback Strategies



Designation System Design

Inter-relater Reliability Analysis

Observations and Student Growth Correlations

Communication Strategies and Materials


Feel free to download our free HB3 TIA 2019-20 Guidebook to help you get started.

TIA Teacher Incentive Allotment

TEA Authorized Provider

Reading Academies

TEA Authorized Provider, Reading Academies

TxCEE Grant Writing and Program Evaluation Services

TxCEE provides consulting services for grant writing and program evaluation services.  These are contracted on a per project basis. Costs per project vary depending on the individual district’s needs and the specific requirements of the project.

Proposal/Grant Application Development Services:

Conduct needs assessment

Identify goals, objectives, and outcomes

Develop programmatic and budget components

Write proposal narratives

Obtain necessary signatures


Review and Edit Previously Developed Proposal/Grant Application:

Review and make recommendations or improvements to the proposal/application

Program Evaluation Services:

Identify research questions

Create analysis plans

Design data collection instruments

Assess performance indicators

Develop evaluation reports


Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM)


TEEM Planning Workshop for District Administrators

Human Capital Management System Inventory using the TEEM District Implementation Rubric



Developing a Comprehensive Plan for Managing Human Capital and Educator Talent


System for Effective Educator Development (SEED)

Training at Your District:

Implementation of SEED Training for District Administrators

Implementation of SEED Training for Principals and Teacher Leaders

Blueprinting Process for District Leaders

Blueprinting Process for Campus Principals

Building a Collaborative Culture: An Introduction to Protocols for Leading Effective CLCs

Leading Adult Learners: Principles of Adult Learning

Lights, Camera, Action: High Quality CLCs

How to Use the CLL Evaluation Instrument

Diving Into the CLC Effectiveness Rubric




Developing a plan to help your district transition from Instructional Coaches to a system of support through SEED structure





Student Growth Measures (SGMs)


SGM Workshop for District and Campus Administrators

SGM Training for Teachers  

Learning Targets and Formative Assessments

SGM Lessons Learned Training



SGM Inventory