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Leadership Pipelines

Leadership Pipelines - a part of the TEEM Model

Providing structures to identify, support, and retain effective leaders can create environments that attract and retain other skilled educators as well as improve student outcomes.

One of the most influential factors in determining the quality of educational settings is strong school leadership. Campus administrators must serve as instructional leaders who foster a culture where teachers are committed to working together to improve practices that will affect student learning.


How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory of existing leadership pipelines and related processes to determine areas of strength and opportunities for growth
  • Engage stakeholders in developing leadership pipelines to recruit, retain, and reward effective educators
  • Provide onsite and virtual coaching and professional learning opportunities to increase the quality of educators in the pipeline
  • Develop a year-long residency where a mentor will assist novice principals in demonstrating skills and behaviors that impact student achievement
  • Identify performance indicators to measure the success of leadership pipelines and ensure continuous improvement

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