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Teacher Career Pathways

Offering a variety of career pathway opportunities to become campus leaders allows effective teachers to advance professionally, while having options to maintain an instructional role.

Differentiated career pathways offer teachers opportunities to engage in more complex and impactful roles on their campuses. Outside of traditional administrative roles, creating instructional leadership positions helps effective teachers grow into instructional leaders, where they are able to improve teaching and learning at their schools and provide support for their novice or struggling colleagues. These opportunities also serve as recruitment and retention incentives, given that high-performing teachers can be more likely to leave the profession if there are not opportunities for advancement.

How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory of existing teacher career pathways and make recommendations for improvements where needed
  • Support districts in implementing or refining career pathways for teachers
  • Conduct ongoing professional learning opportunities for individuals who serve in teacher leader roles
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement plan that involves educators in the development and refinement of teacher career pathways
  • Assist in developing strategies for monitoring teacher career pathways to ensure the positions are effective and resources are maximized
  • Provide a license to use the Texas Educator Excellence Management System (TEEMS)
  • Provide support for developing and implementing components of Texas House Bill 3 (HB 3) Teacher Incentive Allotment and Mentor Program Allotment