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High-quality Job-embedded Professional Development

Providing differentiated, sustained professional learning opportunities support educator growth and ultimately improve student learning. 

Creating a focus on individual teachers and overall teacher effectiveness promotes the development of high-quality instruction and student learning. Through our work, educators are equipped with research-based resources and strategies which they can implement in instructional settings. TxCEE is also dedicated to building the capacity of campus- and district-level administrators to influence educator practices that positively impact student learning.

How TxCEE can help:

  • Outline a structure for districts to establish a multi-tiered, collaborative approach to support educator practices and student learning at the teacher, school, principal, and district levels
  • Conduct an inventory of existing professional learning practices and make recommendations based on needs
  • Introduce TxCEE’s System for Effective Educator Development (SEED) which is a professional learning system that stems from district and school goals and uses collaborative learning communities to enhance educator practices and positively impact student learning
  • Implement SEED for district leadership
  • Conduct a SEED Summer Institute – 3 day comprehensive SEED training for campus administrators and teacher leaders, including instructional coaches
  • Provide access to a toolkit of resources for SEED implementation
  • Provide guided support for Texas House Bill 3 (HB 3 ) Teacher Incentive Allotment