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Human Capital Management System Toolkit

Human Capital Management System (HCMS) Overview

In partnership with American Institutes for Research (AIR), TxCEE developed a human capital management system (HCMS) toolkit using key findings from the Texas Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) evaluation. This toolkit identifies lessons learned and recommendations for other districts and policymakers wishing to design and implement quality HCMS.



Strategies Covered in the Toolkit

HCMS strategies examined in toolkit include the following:

Robust educator evaluation systems based on multiple measures of educator effectiveness inform many aspects of a human capital management system, including: recruiting, retaining and rewarding effective educators, driving the provision of job-embedded professional development, supporting instructional improvements and identifying excellent teachers who can be tapped to take on leadership roles.

Outside of administrative roles, a strong human capital management system in education provides teachers with career advancement opportunities that are instructionally-focused that allow them to stay closer to classroom instruction while mentoring and coaching other teachers.

Job-embedded professional development allows teachers to participate in professional learning closely connected with their role. To support meaningful changes in instructional practice, teachers must have the will to change, have a vision for what instructional change “looks like,” and feel safe in testing out new approaches to teaching. Professional learning communities (PLCs) provide educators with the opportunity to put ideas into action as they engage in collaborative cycles of inquiry to improve student results.

Human capital management systems often use performance-based compensation and other rewards and incentives to recruit and retain effective teachers in high-need schools. The goal is for performance-based compensation to serve as an incentive to recruit interested teachers, to retain effective teachers, and to improve the quality of teaching.



A Toolkit for Human Capital Management System Implementation

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Each of the four major HCMS strategy sections provide an overview of relevant research, a brief description of the key features of the strategy, how it operates within the context of human capital management, and key findings, lessons learned and recommendations for practice.

Voices from the field are also included to illustrate educators’ perceptions of HCMS components.