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Educator Mentoring and Support

Implementing systems to strengthen induction, coaching, and mentoring programs leads to improved instruction and student growth.

Well-developed induction and mentoring programs that are implemented with fidelity increase teacher retention and effectiveness. Mentors can assist educators in acclimating to a new school, analyzing and interpreting student data to individualize instruction, and utilizing evidence-based instructional strategies.


How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory of a district’s existing mentoring and support systems to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth
  • Engage stakeholders to develop structures and processes for mentoring and induction programs
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to district and campus leadership teams in implementing strategies that support educator mentoring and support, such as fostering collaborative environments, promoting positive campus culture, and enhancing student learning
  • Train and support mentor teachers so that they can effectively coach and mentor novice or developing teachers
  • Develop a year-long residency where a mentor will assist novice teachers in demonstrating skills and behaviors that impact student achievement
  • Identify performance indicators to measure success of mentoring and support strategies and ensure continuous improvement
  • Provide support for developing and implementing components of Texas House Bill 3 (HB 3) Teacher Incentive Allotment


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