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Cultivating Strong Leaders

One of the most influential factors in determining the quality of educational settings is strong school leadership. TxCEE provides unique opportunities to develop and support instructional leaders at the school and district levels through systemic models of collaborative learning and coaching. Through this work, leaders are able to participate in ongoing job-embedded support, create a culture of collegiality and rigor, and improve teaching and learning.

Learn more about two initiatives that can assist you in cultivating strong leaders — System for Effective Educator Development and Principal Residency Program.

At the heart of an effective Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is a professional learning system that supports educator needs. The System for Effective Educator Development (SEED) is the foundational component of the Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM) professional learning system. SEED provides targeted and personalized professional learning for ALL teachers, teacher leaders, assistant principals, principals, and district leaders. The SEED structure aligns professional learning communities with district goals and campus objectives to significantly impact classroom teaching and student achievement. SEED is rooted in collaborative learning and focuses on the experience and creativity of professional educators working toward a common goal.

The goals of SEED are to (1) increase targeted, job-embedded professional development and collaborative learning opportunities for educators and (2) enhance support for educators. SEED is grounded in human capital, organizational design, educational leadership, teaching and learning research, and field based practices.

How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct a professional learning and collaborative learning community (CLC) inventory
  • Implement SEED for district leadership
  • Conduct a SEED Summer Institute – 3 day comprehensive SEED training for campus administrators and teacher leaders, including instructional coaches
  • Provide access to a toolkit of resources for SEED implementation
  • Provide guided support for Texas House Bill 3 (HB 3 ) Teacher Incentive Allotment


The Texas Principal Residency Program (TxPRP) provides a system of targeted support for novice principals who have less than two years of experience.


TxCEE designed the Texas Principal Residency Program (TxPRP) as a part of a district-wide leadership pipeline that is built on replicable, research-based practices and standards for educational leaders. Through this program, novice principals (Residents) who have less than two years of experience are provided with authentic learning experiences and individualized support by an experienced Attending Principal who has a demonstrated ability to grow leaders.

Residents will engage in at least ten one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with an Attending Principal on their home campus, as well as participate in virtual learning communities throughout the year. 

How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory to identify appropriate operations, systems, and resources necessary to achieve a shared vision
  • Engage stakeholders to develop instructional leadership competencies to support a culture of rigor for all students
  • Provide onsite and virtual support to novice principals to create a positive campus culture and ensure effective communication with all stakeholders
  • Examine ways to best maximize educator and community partnerships to improve student success
  • Create customized resources for recruiting, retaining, and supporting effective principal supervisors and Attending Principals to become effective coaches
  • Evaluate strategies for supporting novice principals, principal supervisors, and Attending Principals, as well as determine opportunities for continuous improvement