Texas Educator Excellence Model

To address the enormous challenge of managing educator talent, TxCEE developed the Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM) with the generous support of a $60 Million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. TEEM addresses the challenges identified in high-need schools by improving systems for educator preparation, selection, support, evaluation, and compensation. TEEM builds upon existing HCMS models and are enhanced with timely and relevant support and guidance from TxCEE.


TEEM Key Strategies

  • Share rigorous teacher and principal evaluation instruments
  • Provide effectiveness ratings for teachers and principals
  • Measure student growth in every classroom in the district
  • Provide opportunities for increased compensation to effective teachers and principals
  • Build a district-wide professional development system tailored to educator and student needs
  • Support data use for continuous improvement
  • Strengthen induction, coaching, and mentoring systems
  • Create career pathway opportunities
  • Engage educators, parents, and community to improve systems
  • Implement leadership pipelines

TxCEE has a deep understanding of the requisite conditions and strategies needed to create customized reform models that meet local needs. With this approach in mind, TEEM was developed with customized replication as a key tactic.

TxCEE builds capacity in local school districts to improve services that address a high-need target population and promote learning by setting rigorous academic goals for all students. We seek school district partners that want to see students surpass minimum expectations set by state and federal standards. TxCEE knows that building local capacity will lead to sustainability of the reform.

The state of Texas has developed new statewide educator evaluation models known as the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and the Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS). T-TESS and T-PESS are currently being implemented in approximately 1,000 LEAs across Texas. We work with Texas school districts to advance the implementation of the new statewide evaluation rubrics from a state of compliance to a comprehensive system with a focus on instructional improvement.

TxCEE works with TEEM school districts to provide leadership opportunities for effective teachers, including bonuses for increased responsibility, and time during the school day for coaching and training opportunities through professional learning communities. The teacher and principal evaluation outcomes serve as the primary driver of professional development plans for educators.


TEEM Components

TxCEE’s Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM) encompasses eight components that, when combined, form a comprehensive educator support system that increases educator and student success. While districts address each of these components, TxCEE can help maximize resources and systems to leverage a singular component or the comprehensive TEEM Model.