Texas Teacher Residency Program

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As a part of TEEM, the TxTRP provides a system of targeted support to teachers who are new to the profession. The TxTRP is adapted from the medical residency approach of pairing a novice practitioner (Resident Teacher) with an experienced practitioner (Attending Teacher). Resident Teachers will receive on the job experience while receiving an additional degree of support and peer guidance from an Attending as they begin implementing the skills and knowledge they learned during their certification programs (Darling-Hammond, 2013; TEA, 2015; Wei, et al., 2009). Through TxTRP districts have the opportunity to expand their existing teacher induction program to include individualized job-embedded support that is aligned to their district’s teacher evaluation system. Districts may be able to expand their residency to include “developing” teachers—as determined based on outcomes from the evaluation systems—who may also benefit from this additional degree of intensive support.


Attending Teachers have at least three years of classroom teaching experience, are rated as a “highly effective” teacher based on educator observations and student growth measures, and have a similar teaching assignment to their Resident Teacher.  Attending Teachers receive a stipend for their extra responsibilities and can qualify for an additional incentive if their Resident Teacher receives a rating of effective or better.


The TxTRP empowers the Attending Teacher with the knowledge and training needed to provide the Resident Teachers with intensive and individualized coaching, mentoring, training, and support. In addition to intensive support, the Attending Teachers receive release time from their classroom duties to work with their Resident Teacher. This time out of the classroom affords the Attending Teacher the opportunity to engage in co-teaching, peer observations, instructional rounds and hands-on support with the Resident Teacher. The amount and frequency of the release time from the classroom should be a joint decision of the principal and Attending Teacher.