Texas Principal Residency Program

The Texas Principal Residency Program (TxPRP) provides a system of targeted support for novice principals who have less than two years of experience.


Traditional principal training programs “haven’t been as connected to the realities of the profession as they need to be,” said Dick Flanary, the deputy executive director of programs and services for the National Association of Secondary Principals (Zubrzycki, 2012). The TxPRP is modeled after the concept of a teaching hospital’s approach to the training and support of their new medical doctors.

In TxPRP, the Novice Principal will be provided intensive and individualized coaching, mentoring, training, and support by successful and well-trained Attending Principals (mentors). The Attending Principal will initially be a member of the TxCEE staff. As the program develops TxCEE will work to build capacity in the partner district to take on this role. The Attending Principal must possess the evidence, knowledge, and skills to effectively lead a campus, as well as the interpersonal skills necessary to develop relationships with the principal residents and provide servant leadership. TxCEE currently has several staff that meet these criteria.

The TxPRP curriculum was developed by TxCEE collaboratively with university partners and based on best practice research and the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. One of the most important skills of an adept educator is the ability to effectively gather and analyze multiple forms of data to make instructional decisions.

Novice Principals will engage in at least ten one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with an Attending Principal on their home campus each year as well as webinars and virtual PLCs throughout the year on various leadership topics.

Districts will have the opportunity to expand the residency program to include a leadership superhighway for identifying and developing future leaders—based on outcomes from the evaluation systems and/or those who may also benefit from this additional degree of intensive support and leadership training. The TxPRP will provide mentoring and individualized job-embedded support to novice principals and future leaders.