Maximizing Teacher Effectiveness

Creating a focus on individual teachers and overall teacher effectiveness promotes the development of high-quality instruction and student learning. TxCEE strives to provide differentiated, sustained professional learning opportunities to support educator success and ultimately improve student learning. Through our work, educators are equipped with research-based resources and strategies which they can implement in instructional settings. TxCEE is also dedicated to building the capacity of campus- and district-level administrators to influence educator practices that positively impact student learning.

Learn more about two initiatives that can assist you in maximizing teacher effectiveness — System for Effective Educator Development and Texas Teacher Residency Program.

At the heart of an effective Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is a professional learning system that supports educator needs. The System for Effective Educator Development (SEED) is the foundational component of the Texas Educator Excellence Model (TEEM) professional learning system. SEED provides targeted and personalized professional learning for ALL teachers, teacher leaders, assistant principals, principals, and district leaders. The SEED structure aligns professional learning communities with district goals and campus objectives to significantly impact classroom teaching and student achievement. SEED is rooted in collaborative learning and focuses on the experience and creativity of professional educators working toward a common goal.

The goals of SEED are to (1) increase targeted, job-embedded professional development and collaborative learning opportunities for educators and (2) enhance support for educators. SEED is grounded in human capital, organizational design, educational leadership, teaching and learning research, and field based practices.

How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory of existing professional learning practices and make recommendations based on needs
  • Implement SEED for district leadership
  • Conduct a SEED Summer Institute – 3 day comprehensive SEED training for campus administrators and teacher leaders, including instructional coaches
  • Provide access to a toolkit of resources for SEED implementation
  • Provide guided support for Texas House Bill 3 (HB 3 ) Teacher Incentive Allotment


The Texas Teacher Residency Program (TxTRP) expands upon a district’s existing induction program for novice teachers to include an ongoing system of individualized coaching and support. In TxTRP, experienced practitioners (Attending Teacher) are paired with a novice teacher (Resident). Attending Teachers receive release time from their classroom duties to engage in co-teaching, peer observations, instructional rounds and hands-on support with their Residents.

The TxTRP provides a multi-tiered system of support for Attending Teachers that models the support provided to their Residents. Attending Teachers will engage in at least ten one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as participate in virtual learning communities throughout the year.

How TxCEE Can Help:

  • Conduct an inventory of a district’s existing induction and mentoring systems to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth
  • Engage stakeholders to develop effective mentor competencies that promote collaboration and support a culture of rigor for all students
  • Provide onsite and virtual support to Attending Teachers to build collegiality and efficacy
  • Identify ways to use data, coaching plans, and modeling to guide reflection and improve student success
  • Train and support district and campus leaders so that they can effectively coach and mentor teachers
  • Evaluate strategies for supporting novice teachers and mentors, as well as determine opportunities for continuous improvement