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TxCEE works with schools to set a course
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The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE) is focused on improving student achievement in Texas schools by improving Human Capital. Our approach to this work is NOT about “programs” or “products”, but rather by supporting school districts with designing and implementing systems to maximize educator performance. We understand that “programs” or “products” are often not sustainable due to ongoing costs. Programs and Products are often not very effective in that they only tackle a small area of concern—rather than being tied to a larger system for success. Too often school districts tackle problems through a piecemeal approach. Districts are left with programs layered on top of each other and in the end teachers and principals are left with trying to figure out which program they should be following when there is overlap.


At TxCEE, we believe the key to improving student achievement is by INVESTING IN PEOPLE. The human component brings a need for a multi-faceted approach to meet individual educator needs. The culmination of this multi-faceted approach at TxCEE is a system that includes multiple interconnected components. Sometimes our work begins with a district by focusing on one of these components. Other times, we start our work with districts by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the district’s Human Capital Management System and make recommendations on necessary enhancements to effectively support teachers and principals and enhance student performance.


Texas Center for Educator Excellence

The Texas Center for Educator Excellence (TxCEE), supported through Region 18 Education Service Center (ESC), provides technical assistance to Texas school districts to improve educator excellence. TxCEE’s mission focuses on equipping educators to improve student achievement by aligning district resources and increasing educator effectiveness through training, coaching, and instructional support.


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