Educator Evaluation Systems

District implements an educator evaluation system that employs rigorous, research-based observation tools and student growth measures to produce a summative evaluation rating, which are used to inform a variety of human capital management decisions.

Why is this important?

  • The most important factor in student success is the effectiveness of the teacher (Varlas, 2009).
  • The second most influential factor in student success is the school leader (Leithwood et al., 2004).
  • Evaluation is one part of a larger HCMS to improve teaching and learning and should support continuous improvement (Darling-Hammond, 2013).
  • Evaluation processes can support teacher development through observation of practice, review of professional contributions, and evidence of student learning (Darling-Hammond, 2013)


How can TxCEE help?

  • Guide the implementation or support professional learning opportunities focused on Student Learning Objectives (SLO).
  • Utilize observations and student growth to design customized professional learning opportunities or action plans to support teacher and principal performance.
  • Guide the development of effectiveness measures that utilize metrics of student growth and evaluation.