Family, Community, and Educator Involvement

Family, Community, & Educator Involvement - a part of TEEM
Photo of Family Holding an A+ Paper

District involves educators, parents, institutions of higher education, and other community members in actively improving the district and campus cultures, practices, and systems.

Why is this important?

  • Family, community, and educator involvement is an essential strategy for improving student outcomes in districts (Weiss, Lopez, & Rosenberg, 2010).
  • To be effective, family and community engagement must be systemic, integrated, and sustained throughout the district and schools (Weiss, Lopez, & Rosenberg, 2010).
  • These engagements are a shared responsibility between schools and districts with the family and community, and they should be a continuous process throughout a student’s journey through the system (Weiss, Lopez, & Rosenberg, 2010).
  • Working with institutions of higher education leads to building new strategies that improve district and campus cultures, practices, and systems.


How can TxCEE help?

  • Serve as a thought partner to develop research-based systems to increase stakeholder engagement.
  • Assist with designing content or organizing stakeholder group meetings focused on the development of systems or sharing of information.